5 Gum Ice Fly Promotion: I have been sold…

It’s Friday evening.  I’m weary from the work week. All I want to do is relax, so I open Rolling Stone Magazine, issue 1140, (John Stewart’s on the cover) and start turning the pages…I stop around page 16 to find an ad by 5 Gum with a small QR code at the bottom left.  Next to the QR code is a tiny bug looking creature and the following text: “PLAY THE GAME, EXPLORE THE WORLD”.  I am intrigued so I scan the code…WOW.  This is by far the very best use of a QR code based marketing plan that I have EVER seen.

Five Gum Ad in Rolling Stone issue1140, page 16

Here is where the QR code took me…  

 WHA…WHAT?! IT’S LOCKE FROM LOST!!!  As you can see, 5 gum is REALLY trying to get you to log onto their survivalcode.com page on your desktop computer.  The previous video was as far as I could get on my smartphone; I couldn’t get to the main site on my Android.  Sneaky. After a slight bout of anxious bullheadedness, I decided to follow their directions and typed in www.survivalcode.com on my pc.  double WOW! Their marketing team has officially blown my mind, and all I can say is this…For the first time in a LONG time, I am sold on a consumer product based solely on their brand’s marketing efforts.  I have been thoroughly entertained and I feel that I owe 5 Gum a purchase because it is much cheaper than a movie and was much more fun.  I highly recommend checking out www.survivalcode.com because hopefully, (and especially if you are a “Lost” addict), it will blow your mind too. I’d love to hear what you think…If this blog post helped entertain you, please leave a comment, SHARE it,  and enjoy the ride!  Best,-TK


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